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Leading thermos supplier and exporter from China

At Golmate, we understand your needs, and we care about our customers. we got our reputation as one of the best thermos suppliers in the world by having a strong dedication to quality and responsibility; our own state-of-the art on-site thermal wares factory which is BSCI audited. We specialized in all kinds of vacuum jug, vacuum flask, vacuum air pot, water jar, mug and other vacuum ware .
Few, if any, thermos suppliers can back up their products like we can. We have a 15-year impeccable history as key players in the thermal ware market, because we deliver top-quality thermal products to importers and retailers. Thanks to our airpot factory, we can control quality and costs - and pass those savings on to you. You know that you can count on our products, when and where you need them.
How do we stay ahead of other thermos suppliers? To answer this question, let’s take a look at what we offer that other companies either don’t, or can’t give their customers.

How Golmate Excels

We are unique for many reasons. Each product from our airpot factory follows strict criteria:
• Our thermos products pass LFGB,FDA,REACH,DGCCRF,EN12546&Clause 7.1 of ABNT NBR 13282-1988.

• We perform three separate, unique temperature tests for all of our thermal ware
• We back our products with a one-year warranty
• All our products are created with high-quality 100% fresh materials so you never have to worry about selling your customers low-grade products
• We use an advanced processing technique so our products are durable
• We use strict quality control, as well as strict production control when manufacturing our thermal products.


Being reliable is a big responsibility, and one that we happily embrace. Golmate products from our airpot factory can be relied on for
• Quality
• On-time delivery
• Outstanding customer service
We are also well-known as being a trading partner in the industry. There are no middlemen. We sell our thermal products directly to importers and retailers.

Golmate is an All-Inclusive Thermal Ware Supplier

We are an all-inclusive company and airpot factory, taking care of everything from the creation of our designs to giving our customers technical support after purchase.
Other value we offer with our services:
• We Support OEM and ODM
• We have our own CNC processing center
• We have our own export sales team
• We offer technical support after purchase
• We have a top-notch customer service department
One stop shopping - when you deal with Golmate for your thermal ware needs you never have to deal with anyone else.

Golmate Design Team

We are exceptionally proud of our design team that works in our airpot factory. Your customers want more than a device to keep their food and drinks hot. They want thermal ware that shows off their individual image – thermal ware that is stylish, durable, and easy to clean. We take all this into consideration with our thermal supplies.
End users want something that wows them, so we give them designs that are:
• Amazing
• Visually engaging
• Intuitive interface
• Aesthetically appealing
• Ergonomically correct
• Timeless

Sales Team

At Golmate we have our own full service sales team that works in conjunction with our airpot factory team. They will help you find the most suitable products for you needs. As well, we offer a membership system so you can become a VIP customer and receive even more value-added services. If you’ve been searching for thermos suppliers, you search is over. We have everything you could possibly need for your clients along with the great customers service that you deserve.
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