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At Golmate, we offer double wall stainless steel vacuum food storage containers, which keep your food fresher and healthier. Contact us today for more information.

Hot sale plastic food container VFCGD
Hot sale plastic food con
ashion Design glass liner Insulated Food Container VFCGA
ashion Design glass liner
A desire to eat healthier is sweeping the globe! Giant fast food retailers such as McDonalds have seen their sales slump in recent months. What does this mean? It means more and more people are choosing to make and carry their own lunch to work and school. It also means this is the best time for you to check out our wholesale stainless steel food storage products.

Here at Golmate, we know it’s not enough to offer you affordable products. Quality, style and durability are important too so you can offer your customers products that truly represent your brand. Like all of our thermal ware, our stainless steel food storage containers are backed with a one-year warranty and our trained sales staff can help you select among our designs to ensure you get the style (or styles) that will bring you the most value.

We offer five distinct styles and all feature double walled stainless steel or glass interiors to maintain food temperature. Each also has a wide mouth and spill proof cap.

FLGC – This is our big mouth version with an automatic stopper. The carrying handle and strap make this durable container ideal for the rugged, outdoor worker. Available in 1L, 1.2L 1.5L capacity and wholesale lots of 12, this big mouth stainless steel food storage container is great for soup, stews, noodles, rice, pasta and more.

VFCGF –The VFCGF is a littler smaller than the FLCG, comes in .35L and 0.5L and warehouse lots of 40. There’s no side handle on this one, which makes this stainless steel food storage container easy to tuck into a backpack or lunch box.

VFCGE - A tapered middle makes handling the VFCGE easy and the .35L or the 0.5L options means you can pack a hearty lunch into it. VFCGE ships in warehouse lots of 40 and comes in a sleek, all-over silver color.

VFCGD - Who says food storage containers have to be hard to clean? Not so with the VFCGD. This food storage container has a colorful plastic outer shell, two plastic insulating layers and a double walled glass liner. It comes apart so you can easily clean the unit. A full litre capacity or a hefty 1.4L, the VFCGD comes in warehouse lots of 12 and five exciting colors.

VFCGA – This attractive option is slimmer than the VFCGD and also comes in plastic with a double walled glass liner. Color options are white, pale blue and yellow. The VFCGA ships in lots of 12.

Our R&D team is always looking for ways to bring you even more value, and that is why we have more great designs on the way. Check back soon to see them or contact us to learn what’s new, exciting and will soon be available for you to purchase.

Our stainless steel food storage and plastic/glass containers are the solution for hot, portable lunches. With Golmate, you never have to sacrifice quality for style or value. We ensure you get it all – outstanding quality, modern style, researched functionality and outstanding customer service.

Contact us today to learn more about our stainless steel food containers and other thermal ware products.
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