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Golmate offers stainless steel airpots and glass lined air pot flasks. Contact us for more details.

Double wall stainlees steel  airpot  APGZ
Double wall stainlees ste
Big capacity stainless steel  airpot APGA
Big capacity stainless st
Classics Design SS vacuum airpot APGX
Classics Design SS vacuum
Stainless steel lever vacuum airpot APGV
Stainless steel lever vac
Europe Hot Seller Stainless steel  airpot APGO
Europe Hot Seller Stainle
Zinc Alloy Lever Stainless Steel airpot APGH
Zinc Alloy Lever Stainles
BRAND NEW Stainless steel  vacuum airpot  APGG
BRAND NEW Stainless steel
Best Quality  Stainless steel vacuum airpot APGF
Best Quality Stainless s
Fashionable design stainless steel airpot APGE
Fashionable design stainl

Are you a wholesaler or retailer looking for an airpot flask supplier and want to make sure you get the best quality? If so,you’ll be happy to know that you’re at the right place. We have been designing, manufacturing and selling high-quality thermal ware more than ten years, which means our airpots are the result of experience, design excellence and the knowledge of what your customers need and want.
What is an Airpot?
An airpot differs from a traditional coffee carafe because it is operated with a pump, button or lever system that draws the coffee through the spout. When the activator is not engaged, beverages cannot spill out. This makes airpots a great option for boats, airplanes trains and anywhere self-serve coffee is provided.
Servers walking around with a carafe full of hot coffee know that the slightest bump from someone not paying attention, a sudden jolt in an airplane due to turbulence or the smack of a wave against a boat can mean hot coffee burns. Likewise, a heavy coffee pot on a buffet table can be difficult for people with limited mobility or range of movement. The simple, elegant, high quality solution is airpots from Golmate.
A full range of styles and colors
Golmate airpot flasks are available from 1.6 ltrs to 5 ltrs and come in a variety of styles. Your clients benefit from:
·         Double wall stainless steel vacuum body
·         PP plastic head, handle and base
·         Stainless steel presser / lever pumping system
·         Zinc alloy lever and stainless steel base
·         Adjustable nose
·         Stainless steel cover
All of our thermal products are made of stainless steel, and are available in silver. For customers who like a bolder look we offer one of our designs in silver, black, or red. Three separate heat retention tests ensure temperature continuity in all of our products.
We guarantee you will love our airpot flask
In the unlikely event something goes wrong with your airpot flask, we’ll be happy to make it right. All the details are in our one-year guarantee. A technical support team is standing by to address any questions you may have before, during and after purchase.
The responsible supplier
We believe in the word “responsible”. We are responsible in our actions to our valued employees, responsible in our manufacturing to the environment, responsible in our quality and customer care, and responsible to the ethics that have kept Golmate as a top thermalware supplier for over ten years. Our products are used worldwide and our reputation as a quality supplier of airpot flasks and thermalware comes from the responsibility we put into every step of the process – from design to customer aftercare. 
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