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At Golmate, we offer the best thermos flask, jug and coffee pot with double wall stainless steel vacuum body. Inquire now for more details.

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Stainless steel vacuum ju
Middle East Hot Sale Stainless steel insulated vacuum jug VJGE
Middle East Hot Sale Stai
LFGB/ REACH Stainless steel isolation vacuum jug VJGL
LFGB/ REACH Stainless ste
Isolation Stainless steel vacuum jug 0.5L, 1.0L, 1.2L, 1.5L, 2.0L VJGK
Isolation Stainless steel
Stainless steel European vacuum jug VJGB
Stainless steel European
Stailess steel water jug VJGA
Stailess steel water jug
LFGB/ REACH Stainless steel thermos isolation vacuum jug1.2L VJTP
LFGB/ REACH Stainless ste
Commercial using Stainless steel vacuum jug VJTY
Commercial using Stainles
Double wall stainless steel  vacuum jug VJTX
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If you’re looking for the best thermos flask, we have the solution!

Your customers want the best coffee thermos and best coffee pots to do three things: keep hot liquids hot, keep cold liquids cold and provide protection for hands when pouring or consuming those liquids.  

You’ve probably been looking for a long time for the best thermos for coffee for your valued clients, so we know you have noticed there is more to the issue than finding a nice color or high volume thermos jug. Brand and quality matter too. If your thermos jug is pretty but not functional, it has no value. That’s why Golmate combines style, form, function and durability to provide the best thermos flask on the market.
The Best Thermos for Coffee 
We’ve been in the thermal ware product industry for 15 years; we have the knowledge and experience to suggest our thermos jug. Few coffee thermoses evoke the simplicity, durability, and long-lasting quality, the way our thermos jug does. The design of our best coffee thermos features a completely drip-free stainless steel pouring lip. The inside glass flask is fully encased in a beautifully crafted stainless steel finish.
We design and craft our best coffee pots to maintain the temperature of both hot and cold foods and liquids. The inner surface is made of glass and is perfectly separated from the stainless steel outer surface by a state-of-the-art vacuum, which stops cold and heat from conducting on the outside of the thermos. This is why our coffee pots provide exceptional heat retention, are easy to clean and have the convenience of being dishwasher safe.
We provide this thermos jug in a range of attractive styles to suit every taste and function.
Can We Prove that We Provide the Best Thermos for Coffee
Yes we can! We put our best coffee thermos through three separate temperature tests to ensure temperature retention. We are so sure your customers will be very happy with this thermos jug that we guarantee it for a full year. With our best coffee pots you get a high quality product for a value added price, which benefits both you and your customers.

Golmate – Your Partner in Client Satisfaction
Golmate designs and manufactures the best coffee pots with the end user in mind. We want you to feel confident in our products and assured that we have the expertise to provide you and your clients with exactly what you need. This is why we make it as easy as possible for our customers to buy our best coffee thermos. We know you have a choice of China vacuum jug suppliers, and that is why we strive to be the best China vacuum jug wholesale retailer.  Thanks to our experience and on-site production facilities, we know that we offer one of the best thermos flask options on the market. Contact us today to learn how partnering with Golmate can take your business to new heights. 
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