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We specialize in manufacturing stainless steel vacuum flasks and double wall SS thermos. Call us at 020-83831015 for more details.

Bullet type vacuum flask FLGF
Bullet type vacuum flask
Double wall SS vacuum sport vaccum flask FLGA
Double wall SS vacuum spo
Stainless steel double wall vacuum flask FLGO
Stainless steel double wa
Stainless steel thermal vacuum flask FLAC
Stainless steel thermal v
Double cups Stainless steel vacuum flask  FLGN
Double cups Stainless ste
Double cups Stainless steel vacuum flask  FLGR
Double cups Stainless ste
SGS low price double wall stainless vacuum flask wholesale FLGT
SGS low price double wall
Hight quality stainless steel sport vacuum flask FLGP
Hight quality stainless s
Wholesale blank stainless steel vacuum flask FLGG
Wholesale blank stainless

Stainless steel vacuum flasks are incredibly durable, which puts them in high demand for a range of customers from office workers to construction crews. Golmate uses an advanced processing technique to maintain the durability of our thermal ware.
Stainless Steel Thermos Heat Retention
The most important question you need to ask is will the contents stay hot or cold, and the answer is yes – our stainless steel thermos collection is guaranteed to maintain temperature because we put all our products through several different temperature tests. We back this up with our one-year guarantee. Your customer’s safety is very important to us so we use strict production control when manufacturing our stainless steel thermos products.
Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask Features
All products in our stainless steel thermos collection come with:
·         Double wall stainless steel vacuum body
·         Automatic safe switch
·         PP plastic handle
·         Automatic stopper
·         Screw stopper is also available
Some of our stainless steel vacuum flask’s come with added features to broaden the scope available for your customers:
·         Two cups are available for some models
·         Sugar storage and plastic spoon
·         Belt
Stainless steel Vacuum Flask Colors
All of our thermos products are made of Stainless steel and we offer beautiful color painting on the surface for some products in our thermos collection. We know that some customers like uniqueness, so we have added some fun colors such as:
·         Blue
·         Green
·         Yellow
·         Black
Stainless Steel Thermos Designs
Now that you know how durable and functional our stainless steel vacuum flask products are, you’ll be interested in knowing that we have our own design team.
We understand your needs and the needs of your customers. We know that some people don’t want the same thing everyone else has – they want individuality while at the same time they want a stainless steel vacuum flask that is practical; and this is why our team creates designs that are:
·         Visually engaging
·         Aesthetically appealing
·         Ergonomically correct
You’ll also be happy to know that we offer one-stop shopping:
·         We have our own CNC processing center
·         We have our own full-service sales team
·         We offer technical support after purchase
·         We have a top-notch customer service department
·         We offer a membership system so you can become a VIP customer and receive more value-added services.
If you are looking for a stainless steel thermos supplier that has an outstanding reputation in the industry and years of design and client-focused experience, you are at the right place; particularly since we design, manufacture and sell our thermal products directly to our customers. There is no middle man, and our relationship doesn’t end once your order has been shipped.
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