Outdoor Experiential Trainning
2017 is a special year for our company!

With the development of Golmate, we getting more and more orders from all over the world. A series of changes had taken place.We get more colleagues, we invent more new products, we get more professional certificates.

Oh, but all this is not the point of this article, the ourdoor training is!

It was very hot outside, we went to the base and had training. All the activities were indicated by a professional teacher who is funny and experient. We learnt a lot from the trainning, for instance, we learnt how to communicate more efficence and workable through a traning called “7 Puzzles”.

2 days’ trainning taught us a lot, how to be more efficent, how to cooperate well and how to face the problems and solve it togerther. We leant a lot and believed our business will go well in the near future!
Thanks for everybody! Thanks our dear clients and colleagues!
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